I'm Robert Carrasco. 

My Passion is "Transforming Singers into Vocal Artists".

 Me as 'Aldolpho' in "The Drowsy Chaperone" National Tour (USA/Canada)

     I'm a Professional Singer and Expert Vocal Instructor. I believe that if you’re motivated to become a better vocal performer, regardless of your age or experience level, then you can achieve your vocal goals.

     For 15 + years I've helped singers of every style to safely connect their voice from the top down, quickly find solutions for vocal problems, and give them full artistic control of their sound- both on stage and in the recording studio. I'll help you become a confident vocalist by removing your vocal "barriers" and guiding you to focus on and strengthen your limitless vocal possibilities. 

     You will always be given clear step-by-step instruction that is easy-to-learn, 100% Healthy, Effective, Innovative, Transformative, and Fun.

“I’ve had a lot of vocal teachers and coaches over the years and Robert is one that has the most to do with fundamentally making a difference in my skills as a singer- and as a result, has given my voice wings!! He’s not only a very funny and nice guy, but he explains the voice and the mechanics of the voice in ways that are clear and concise...and you’ll never forget!”
— Patric Knight (Dancer, Singer, Actor)

My Story...

 Me as Inspector Javert in Les Miserables performing "Stars". HI

Me as Inspector Javert in Les Miserables performing "Stars". HI

Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far, away...... 

     I started out as a Choral Singer.  Then I trained diligently to become an Operatic Tenor & Classical Concert Soloist. I toured Eastern Europe, the USA, and performed with the Los Angeles Opera Chorus. I've even shared the stage with legends like Placido Domingo and Bobby McFerrin.

     In New York City I decided to expand my career into Musical Theatre and ultimately performed in National Tours(USA/Canada), Regional Theatre, and Off-Broadway. Touring the USA/Canada while performing the role of Aldolpho in the hit musical The Drowsy Chaperone is perhaps my favorite role of all time! I've also sung in the recording studio for several original cast musical theatre albums (Williamsburg! The Musical & Eva Del Barrio) and indie albums(Agua Trip: Genetics). For over 20+ years I've been able to keep my own voice healthy, consistent, and constantly improving. 

 Me as Aldolpho in "The Drowsy Chaperone" National Tour (USA/Canada)

Me as Aldolpho in "The Drowsy Chaperone" National Tour (USA/Canada)


     My inspiration to help other singers originally came from classical style voice training with the amazing Fred Carama. He saved my singing career from almost ending due to poor vocal techniques I'd learned from other teachers. He showed me how to connect to my true sound and keep it healthy.

 Here's me as Chris in Miss Saigon alongside the awesome Juno Apalla as Kim. (I look like President Obama in this picture too! lol)

Here's me as Chris in Miss Saigon alongside the awesome Juno Apalla as Kim. (I look like President Obama in this picture too! lol)

     I was later trained in the art of teaching singers through Holistic Vocology (taught by the amazing Tom Burke-NYC and Robert Sussuma-NYC). My holistic teaching approach incorporates the elements of Estill Voice(a core component), classical and contemporary styles training, speech rehabilitation, Pilates, Yoga, Alexander Technique, dance,  my professional performance experience, martial arts, freestyle skateboarding, and the Pareto Principle( the “80/20 rule”).  I also hold a BM in Vocal Music Education from Chapman University in CA and was awarded a graduate Fellowship at the University of Illinois at Champaign/Urbana where I worked on a MM in Voice Performance.

(Click here to view my complete performance resume)

 The 2016 Select Ensemble rocking it out at the nomination ceremony for GAHSMTA! 

The 2016 Select Ensemble rocking it out at the nomination ceremony for GAHSMTA! 

     Now the RCVoiceStudio is in Austin, TX and I'm living the dream! I'm Working with talented musical theatre performers, singer-songwriters, pop & rock vocalists, classical singers, and providing lots of audition coaching. I'm super stoked to be teaching weekly group singing classes at TexArts of Austin and I'm the music director for their upcoming performance of Willy Wonka Jr.  Also, I once again get to witness Austin's amazing musical theatre talent as a judge for the Greater Austin High School Music Awards(GAHSMTA) produced by the wondrously  talented Ginger Morris, head of the Long Center Education and Outreach.  

 My wife and I at the GAHSMTA red carpet gala at the Long Center(Austin, TX)

My wife and I at the GAHSMTA red carpet gala at the Long Center(Austin, TX)

     When I'm not helping transform singers into inspired vocal artists, I spend my free time practicing old-school flatland freestyle skateboarding tricks, surfing/coaching at our country's first public surf park, rereading Harry Potter (or The Lord of the Rings), taking hikes & watching The Voice with my beautiful wife Sarah.

     Let's reach your singing goals together at my conveniently located HOME STUDIO in South Central Austin.


     Work face-to-face with me in a relaxed and focused atmosphere to get personalized holistic solutions to take your voice to the next level! Schedule a Private Voice Lesson at my HOME STUDIO and begin transforming from a singer into an inspired vocal artist!

Home Studio General Availability:

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     Want to have a lesson in the comfort of your own home, when you're out on tour, in the recording studio...wherever you want?

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