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Get an 'A' for Effffffort! An F'n great vocal warm up for Singers!

This vocal warm up will help you:

✪Find great breath support  ✪Promote vocal ease  ✪Smooth out vocal 'road bumps' throughout your range  ✪Expand your vocal range ✪Keep your larynx more neutral  ✪Raise your soft palette

The Brain Smile: A Smile Every Singer Should Have! A simple, healthy, and powerful exercise to amplify your singing while also promoting vocal ease. Practice this every single day throughout your day to strengthen your overall singing technique. "A brain smile a day keeps the ENT away!"

Size Matters...Keep It Small Y'all! Take the strain out of singing "high & low" notes.

Here's a quick singing tip to help take the strain out of singing "high & low" notes!

Here's my favorite vocal warm up to you find your most reliable, healthy, and resonant voice each day. SIGN UP to get a FREE PDF with a step-by-step guide of this warm up. Plus you'll get access to more FREE RCVoiceStudio singing tips to help Transform Your Singing Into Vocal Artistry.

"Get More BOOM When You Sing To The Back Of The Room!" Experience the difference in your singing when you focus your sound to "the back of the room"- behind you.

Here's a simple, effective way to understand and learn the foundation for great breath support for singing. I use this exercise with my students of all ages and skill levels.

This video features a simple foundation to start your sound for beautiful, powerful, and healthy singing singing. It also helps promote vocal ease & reliability of sound production.

This simple exercise will easily increase your sound and vocal versatility. This exercise is also part of the foundation needed to rock out your high range, remove breaks, and give you a professional sound.

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