It's not so easy for us singers to find time to strengthen our vocal technique without driving the people around you bonkers or thinking your nuts.

Performing a traditional vocal exercise or warm up while standing in a long line at the grocery store, at your work office, in a classroom, or waiting to audition for a Broadway musical in a packed audition room just isn't entirely appropriate....UNTIL NOW!

     The Ninja are legendary for mastering the art of invisibility- to perform deeds in plain sight without anyone else knowing. Having taught singers for 18+ years and studied the Ninjutsu martial art myself, I've created a way to combined these disciplines into a series of 15 exercises to help you improve your singing technique throughout your day- without anyone else knowing AND without annoying the [BEEEP] out of everyone around you! I created this series to help you secretly transform your singing techniques Ninja-style!

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I know what you're thinking...

How can I actually practice my singing technique and improve it without making sound?

Will these work for my experience level as a singer and/or my age?

What do I get?

Quick Answers: 

Thinking Outside The Box. Yes. Expert Advice.

     What I've done is broken apart some of the most healthy and effective vocal exercises I know and highlighted the components that require little to no sound. These are the "behind the scene" elements of the techniques you learn in your regular voice lessons that help set up your instrument to promote vocal ease, power, artistic control, a reliable sound and confidence. I then ninja-styled them so they can be practiced secretly anywhere & anytime. A perfect way to improve your singing techniques between lessons.

     I carefully chose exercises that can each be performed repeatedly, independently or combined, and in any order you want. I encourage you explore combining exercises to improve your muscular & mental coordination for your singing [insert simultaneous belly rub & head pat] to test your ninja-style prowess.

     What's even more awesome is that these are all effective for  Professional and Beginning singers of all ages! I've been road testing these exercises Ninja-style for years and now I want to share them with you. They've been key to my own successful career singing Musical Theatre, Opera, Classical, Choral, A Capella, Pop &  Rock music.

     For each of the 15 exercises I briefly explain what it does for your voice and a step-by-step of how to do it Ninja-style. There's a video and a downloadable audio track for each one (I've even given each one a silly name to help you remember them :) Although these are highly technical exercises, I explain them in language that's casual and easy to understand- so they're easy to learn!

Here's what you get:

  • 15 Videos of Ninja-style Singing Exercises.

They're  simple to learn, repeatable, powerful, and 100% healthy.

  • 15 Downloadable Audio Tracks of each exercise. 

Take them with you wherever you go!

  • Lifetime Access to the Ninja-style Singing Exercises Member's Area at 

You'll get a secret password emailed to you once you sign up.

I truly want to help every singer to be the absolute best vocal artist they can possibly be. Thats why i’m practically giving away some of my best kept singing secrets for less than the cost of a single private lesson. I’m 101% confident that these will help improve your singing.

Let's Transform Your Singing Into Vocal Artistry...

True Ninja-style...

True RCVoiceStudio-style!

Ninja-style Singing Exercises
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Thanks so much for the wonderful [online] session today, Robert. Afterwards, I sang for 90 minutes using all the techniques we talked about- and my throat feels better than before I started!!
— Pamela Varma (Author, Storyteller & Singer)
“I’ve had a lot of vocal teachers and coaches over the years and Robert is one that has the most to do with fundamentally making a difference in my skills as a singer- and as a result, has given my voice wings!! He’s not only a very funny and nice guy, but he explains the voice and the mechanics of the voice in ways that are clear and concise...and you’ll never forget!”
— Patric Knight (Dancer, Singer, Actor)